Plum and Berry Compote Breakfast

I’ve said it before and it’s still so true – breakfast has very quickly become my favourite meal of the day.  Continue reading


Summer Smoothie Bowl

Spring is finally arriving in the UK and there’s nothing better than a refreshing smoothie bowl for breakfast! Sweet and filling, they kick start my day and I’m looking for as many tasty variations as possible before the hot (ok, warmer) weather arrives.  Continue reading

2017 – Let’s do this!

How is it 2017 already?! It’s been two years since I started writing Little Blog of GL and I’ve faded in and out over a few months due to life getting in the way, but I never imagined I’d find such a love and passion for writing, nutrition and fitness and more importantly that people would actually read it!

Anyway, a New year means new goals and challenges and I have every intention of pushing myself to levels I’ve never gone to before.  Continue reading