Summer Smoothie Bowl

Spring is finally arriving in the UK and there’s nothing better than a refreshing smoothie bowl for breakfast! Sweet and filling, they kick start my day and I’m looking for as many tasty variations as possible before the hot (ok, warmer) weather arrives.  Continue reading


For the Love of Food

After nearly 23 years, I’ve finally been able to say ‘I CAN COOK!’. It’s not that I never liked cooking before, at uni my flatmate and I always loved being experimental with recipes; they just never worked! Haha!

Somehow, with the help of Deliciously Ella’s cookbook, I have changed my ways and so far, it’s been quite successful (only two that haven’t quite worked out right). So the past few weeks I’ve been cooking up some absolute treats, some healthy, some more sweet treats, but all made from scratch. I’ve absolutely loved it!

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