Create your own success.

We’re 6 weeks into 2018 and to be honest, I’m having an absolute shocker of a year so far. I haven’t blogged in over a year properly so I’ve set myself the task of one post a week to keep myself accountable with fitness, life and general updates; the whole reason I started Little Blog of GL in the first place, three years ago!

By the end of 2017, I’d fallen out of love with the gym, and back in love with chocolate and all things sweet. I’d lost any motivation to exercise or keep track of my food and although I knew I was getting out of shape fast, I couldn’t get myself back into the swing of things.

Fast forward to New Year and a horrendous relationship break-up, I quickly lost a lot of weight – and not in a healthy way. I lost my appetite, my body was going through stress and upset, and my sleep was completely thrown off along with it all. I am someone, however, that believes there’s a silver lining in every situation; that being the kick up the butt that I’ve needed for about 6+ months.


I’ve gone back to crossfit (because I can’t say no to a workout once I’m through that door), I’ve got my nutrition to a point I’m not binging anymore, I’m still enjoying foods that I like, but in smaller, controlled amounts. I cook from fresh as much as possible again and I’ve cut right down on my salt and dairy/sugar intake. Do I feel better yet?…No. If we could all have the answers we wanted or someone to tell us how long everything will take, we’d never need to work hard. Only you can create your own success. 

How much we succeed in anything, depends on how much we put into it. So this is the year I’m putting everything in and for me, and me alone.


I said on 1st January that I wasn’t setting myself goals this year, I was just going to see what happened; but on reflection, screw that. My goal is to be the strongest, fittest, healthiest version of myself I possibly can. Physically and mentally.

Here’s to the rest of 2018 and focusing on the silver linings…


GL xx



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