Plum and Berry Compote Breakfast

I’ve said it before and it’s still so true – breakfast has very quickly become my favourite meal of the day. 

After 8 hours of sleep, who wouldn’t wake up excited about food?! However, it’s also my quickest meal of the day as I’m usually rushing to cook and get out the door to work. So, to battle this, I try to come up with super simple recipes that won’t take much time at all to make, or i can prepare in advance.

I had a similar recipe to this at Altrincham Market before Christmas and it was perfect for both winter and summer! I would recommend if you’re in a rush, making it in advance as it’ll take 15 minutes or so to break down in the pan, but leave it to cool and put it in the fridge until you’re ready to eat it.

Photo 12-03-2017, 7 12 06 am

Plum and Berry Compote

Boil 150-200ml water in a pan and slowly add in your plums, cut in half or quarters with stones removed.

Slowly add in honey until it is sweet enough for you, this will thicken the water and sauce whilst adding extra sweetness. Compote recipes usually call for caster sugar to be added, honey is a great natural alternative to this.

Once the plums start to soften and break down, slowly add in your favourite berries (I used blueberries and strawberries from the freezer) and let it simmer on a low heat, continuing to stir throughout.

I personally like the plums to be almost whole still but really soft, but if you would like a smoother compote, keep it on the heat until it breaks down to your preferred consistency.

Once you’re finished, top your compote on your favourite breakfast – porridge, natural yogurt and granola or straight from the pan! Take a photo and tag me in your creations on Instagram @littleblogofgl.

Photo 12-03-2017, 7 12 06 am

GL xx


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