Summer Smoothie Bowl

Spring is finally arriving in the UK and there’s nothing better than a refreshing smoothie bowl for breakfast! Sweet and filling, they kick start my day and I’m looking for as many tasty variations as possible before the hot (ok, warmer) weather arrives. 

First up is a Peach, Mango and Raspberry smoothie. Mango is one of my ultimate summer fruits because when it’s ripe, it’s so juicy and cooling!

Peach, Mango and Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

One Cup Frozen Mango

One Cup Frozen Raspberries

Half of one Peach

200g Greek Style Natural Yoghurt

(Optional) Choice of milk – I used almond to thin the mixture slightly.

(Optional) Protein powder for a post/pre-gym snack is a perfect addition

It’s as simple as you’d think – blend your ingredients together until it forms a smooth but icy liquid. Pour into your favourite bowl (or coconut shell, because what is a smoothie bowl if it’s not in a coconut?!) and add your favourite toppings!

Photo 12-03-2017, 9 00 59 am

What are you favourite Smoothie recipes?

Enjoy 10% off at Decibel Nutrition and add some protein to your bowl using code Gemma10

GL xx


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