Eat More, Move More

Something I see a lot is new claims that you can eat more, move less or move more, eat less…blah blah. 

But, what about what works for you? What if you enjoy eating and moving too…Yes, I know, it sounds crazy, no one wants to do more in their day.
Over the last year or two I’ve really made sure that I move more throughout the day. When I was given my first fitness tracker a few years ago, I realised how much I was just sitting on my bum all day! I now aim to walk around 10,000 steps a day but for me, that’s not enough to get me burning more calories than I’m eating.
So my new goal for the next few months…move more and eat more!!
One of the things I warn people about when I personalise them a nutrition plan, is how addictive counting macros can be. I personally tend to spend either Sunday evenings planning my Monday-Friday meals and it’s all well and good doing this – but what happens when you really want to eat something spur of the moment or someone brings in something tasty to the office?! I panic. It’s the start of an unhealthy relationship with food and one that I am going to change immediately.
Realistically, any goal to lose body fat is down to one thing – burn more than you eat. So instead of restricting myself on food and feeling guilty when I eat a chocolate bar or something tasty, I’m just going to move more. I’m not going to spend hours in the gym or force myself into a workout i’m not feeling. It can be as simple as doing a short, fast walk, five minutes extra in the gym or some pilates at home. Just move and burn.
(How could you say no to a walk with those eyes anyway?!)
This also doesn’t mean I’m going to stuff my face with chocolate every day, I’ll still eat normal sized portions of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Still track my macros but focus more on a ‘Flexible dieting’ way of eating so as not to deprive myself or feel that never ending guilt of a binge.
Nothing is worth doing if it doesn’t make you happy and giving up lovely food certainly does not make me happy. 
I’ll be posting a more in depth blog about flexible dieting next week with the pros, cons and guide to getting going!
Today’s lesson – don’t deprive yourself, don’t feel guilty for eating something nice (food should be loved) and definitely do not obsess over myfitnesspal!! Be happy!
GL xx

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