Why are you doing this? Find your healthy mindset

This time of year is all about the gym and healthy eating for most people (and trying not to give up by the end of February), but have you asked yourself what your end goal is and why you’re really going to all of that effort?

Since finding my passion for nutrition and fitness, I’ve made sure that I’m always doing it for the right reasons and I’ve recognised when I have started to stray away from that mindset quick enough to fix it.
Firstly, don’t restrict yourself; if you’ve given yourself a new diet to try that says you must cut out carbs or fat – it’s a fad. Realistically, you can lose body fat without cutting out foods if you’re consuming less calories that you’re burning. However, there’s also the danger of going too low and starving your body. If you’re really struggling to know how much to eat or what types of foods (protein, carbs and fat) are going to help you reach your goals; take a look at glnutrition.org or scroll back through my blog posts to learn more about macros.
The second big mistake that a lot of people make is crash dieting. There’s a big event coming up, a wedding or a party and you decide you’re not the shape or size you wanted to be and you live off of crackers for three weeks and cut out carbs. You probably will lose weight, but you can sure as hell guarantee that it’s all going straight back on when you start eating normally again! Work hard for four weeks healthily and make it worthwhile rather than four weeks of starvation for one day of feeling lighter.
There are so many reasons that people go to the gym or go on a diet – but ask yourself; is it going to make you happy? What is the point in putting effort into something everyday if you’re doing it to impress someone else and it’s not really going to make you happy. The hardest part I find about being healthier is that if you don’t treat yourself or you do something you enjoy, you become unmotivated.
The more you want to do something, the more successful you will be in achieving your goals. Consider why you’re doing what you’re doing and remember it should be enjoyable not a chore. Be the best version of yourself, look after your body and it will reward you in the long run. Workout until you think you can’t do anymore and eat healthy, fresh foods that you love but do it with happiness, not comparison to someone else.
GL xx


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