2017 – Let’s do this!

How is it 2017 already?! It’s been two years since I started writing Little Blog of GL and I’ve faded in and out over a few months due to life getting in the way, but I never imagined I’d find such a love and passion for writing, nutrition and fitness and more importantly that people would actually read it!

Anyway, a New year means new goals and challenges and I have every intention of pushing myself to levels I’ve never gone to before. A lot of people will get to the end of the year and wander what happened to their life changing resolutions of 2016. We’ve all done; I’m going to be healthier or go to the gym every day etc etc.

Set yourself realistic goals and you’re much more likely to achieve them. They don’t have to be for the whole year – start by setting yourself a challenge a month and facing them one at a time if you struggle.

I’m following my plan from last year and setting myself 5 goals to achieve by the end of 2017 and as time goes on I’ll set myself new goals to achieve in shorter periods of time. So, here they are, my fitness goals for 2017…

  1. Unassisted Pull So this is carrying on from 2016 because I haven’t achieved this year. I’m working on it but I wasn’t consistent enough last year to really get there. I’m currently working on Corporate Sneakers MBB programme which will hopefully help with this, along with negative pull ups and assisted work too.
  2. Regularly adjust my macros and aim for just one day off per week – I’ve recently fallen into the trap of keeping my macros the same for a long period of time and therefore making little progress with my body fat percentage. I am building muscle a lot faster than at the beginning of 2016 which is probably due to the increase in protein. However, I will be starting at my TDEE level and slowly decreasing this depending on progress into a safe, controlled calorie deficit.
  3. Climb a bigger mountain – Last year I was lucky enough to be taken to the Lake District for the first time and persuaded myself to climb a mountain (approx 2000 ft). This year, we’re off to the alps and I’m pretty sure the mountains there might be slightly taller…Wish me luck!
  4. Create one HIIT workout a week (make it challenging) – My problem when I make my own HIIT workouts is that I don’t push myself enough. So, this year, my aim is to create myself one super challenging HII. T workout per week. I mean seriously sweaty challenging.
  5. Try something new in fitness – a try new class, sign up to a new challenge or qualification – My Nutrition qualification was a big eye opener in 2016 and I’ve been able to help people lose weight, gain weight and gain muscle depending on their goals. I’m always trying to push myself to do new things, whether it’s with friends or by myself. This year, I want to keep doing that and pushing myself to try something new whenever I can! Ideally, I want to complete another fitness/nutrition qualification but when you’re trying to save it’s not always possible! Let’s see what happens…


What are your goals for 2017? Big or small, they all make a difference! Don’t forget to reflect on the over the next year and set yourself new challenges or work on your existing ones.

Happy New Year – Here’s to another great one! 

GL xx


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