2016 Roundup

Every year we see millions of ‘New Year, new me’ posts and resolutions, but what’s wrong with the way you already are? 

I stopped making New Year’s resolutions a few years ago because being realistic, they lasted no more than a week. Instead of resolutions of things I’m going to drastically change, I set myself goals. Not just for fitness but personal goals as well (I find those a lot harder to achieve).

In my 2016 Goals post, I set myself goals to achieve…

  1. Unassisted Pull Ups 
  2. Complete a Half Marathon
  3. Learn more about Nutrition
  4. Drink more water 

Ok, so I still can’t do unassisted pull ups but I am trying still! However, I did achieve all of the other goals amongst many more.

I completed my first (and possibly last) Half Marathon in Silverstone in March this year. I can’t say I enjoyed it but it pushed me to train and run further than I’ve ever run before. I reached mile 10 and hit a great big wall that I just couldn’t break through. I finished the last three miles with a knee injury and crying for most of it –  but I still finished!

I have definitely learnt more about Nutrition this year. I signed up to the LDN Muscle academy Nutrition Coaching and achieved a Distinction in Nutrition Coaching which led to GL Nutrition. Something I never ever thought I’d be able to do. I wanted to learn more about nutrition for myself and increase my knowledge, but instead, I have been able to provide people with personalised macros helping them to achieve their goals which is just amazing.

Lastly, my goal to drink more water. It’s not something I’ve actively tracked but going back to an office job, I have been able to really push myself with this by filling up a 2 litre bottle every morning and ensuring it’s gone by the end of the day!


They were some big and small goals that I set myself but it didn’t mean they were the only things I was going to achieve in 2016. I’ve motivated myself when I was tired at the end of the day to hit to the gym and eat healthily (most of the time), I’ve met so many influential people including some of my favourite fitness bloggers, joined and failed many times at crossfit (I miss those 15 minutes of death WODs), I moved a 100 miles away from home to live with complete strangers and many more things!

Personally, the end of 2015 into 2016 was was pretty tough for me but I kept going and came out fighting the other side when I landed my dream job in November, and gave a virtual slap to all of the people that knocked my confidence last year.

I have goals for 2017 and they’re not dissimilar from this years, but my end goal hasn’t changed from when i started my fitness journey – to be the best version of myself. Anyone can do that and you can all do it whatever way you want to!

Keep your eyes open for my 2017 Goals in next weeks post!

GL xx



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