IIFYM – If It Fits Your Macros

We’ve talked about macros and what they mean, but what are the different ways that people use to stay on track with macros?

Usually referred to as flexible dieting options, my favourite and an extremely popular one is IIFYM or If It Fits Your Macros. This literally means what it says and I think why so many people follow it successfully.
The whole idea of decreasing body fat or losing inches is down to consuming less calories than you are burning. Every diet out there is based on this method and whether they tell you to cut carbs out or only eat meat – all they’re doing is lowering your calories.
The technical stuff does begin when you track your macros – you’re eating all food groups but you know which are good for when. However, if you’re hitting these macros and staying within your calories, there is nothing more to say what you can and can’t eat.
(Photos taken from @Littleblogofgl and other Instagram accounts)
Head to Instagram and use the hashtag #iifym, you’ll find millions of photos filled with chocolate, sugar, pizza and any other foods that we dream about! So how do they do this and still stay fit?!
A lot of these people will probably already have their exercise regime firmly established and more muscle means more calories burned which means more food. However, the idea of iifym is that it takes away the restriction of most diets. If you know you’re going out for dinner or you fancy a dessert one, drop your calories throughout the day leading up to your meal or pudding, hit your protein and enjoy your food!
I find this lifestyle a much easier way to live. The problem with most diets is there is so much restriction that it makes us want what we can’t have even more¬†than we did before! Although this doesn’t mean take out all of your vegetables and fruit through the day to make room for cakes and chocolate – remember we still need nutritious foods!
Food is there to be enjoyed, not restricted. Stick to your macros and enjoy your food – you’ll thank yourself in the long run when everyone else is struggling two weeks in on their January ‘diet’.
GL xx
For more nutritional advice or your own personalised macro programme, head to GL Nutrition or click the home button at the top of the page and find out how we can help you achieve your goals and the best version of yourself.

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