Why aren’t you losing weight?

January is almost upon us and the time when everyone kickstarts diets, introduces crazy New Year’s Resolutions and swears they will never eat chocolate again – yeah right!

We’ve all been there, it doesn’t last or you’re not losing weight as quickly as you want to. But actually, there may be a reason for this. Here are some top tips to get you kick-started in January and actually sticking to it!
1. Stop weighing yourself. 
You’ve all heard the saying ‘muscle weighs more than fat’. IT’S TRUE!!! Take a look at the millions of transformation photos on Instagram and you’ll see the ones that have their body weights on them, probably haven’t changed all that much.
It can be so down-heartening when you’ve been working your bum off in the gym all week to then step on the scale to find it’s exactly the same.
So how do you measure your progress? I personally would suggest measurements to be the most reliable. Ensure you take your measurements at the same time of day and you only really need to do them every 1-2 weeks. Write them down and when you compare your results after 4-6 weeks of hard work, you’ll see those massive changes right in front of you. Stop thinking of ‘weight’ loss and more about ‘fat’.
Photo Credit Instagram: @bbg_fifo_chick
2. Are you eating too much?
Every diet and weight loss solution out there is based on one thing – your caloric intake is lower than the calories that you burn throughout the day. With so many activity trackers now available to us, most of the established brands will give you a good idea of how many calories you’re burning throughout the day. I personally love my iWatch and I think they’re relatively accurate in the information that they track. If you know roughly day to day how many calories you’re burning, subtract up to 500 calories from this and set that as your calorie goal. However, if I dropped 500 calories, my calories would be too low so if you’re already quite low in body fat, small, or you don’t take part in much exercise or moving throughout the day, I would start by dropping your calories between 100-200 and slowly drop them from there.
3. Are you eating too little?
It is actually possible to eat too little so when you’re starving and dreaming of any kind of food after eating just a salad or bowl of soup all day – it’s not actually doing you any good! BMR is your Basal Metabolic Rate – this amount of calories your body naturally burns by just breathing. As soon as you go below this, your body will cling on to any food you do it for energy and hold on to that fat you’re trying so hard to lose! My body naturally burns 1300 Calories so I tend to stay above 1400 each day depending on how much exercise I am doing.
4. Be honest with yourself?
The hardest part about dieting or eating healthily is actually admitting what you’re eating. Even for me, I can sit and take photos of all of my healthy food and hit my macros Monday-Friday but when it comes to the weekend, I have to brutally honest with myself and admit that If I want to cry and moan about not losing body fat – I can always go without that dessert or chocolate bar. You may think that you’re eating super healthily but there are so many things to be careful of – remember fats are much higher in calories than carbs so if you decide to cut carbs out (which just isn’t necessary), and replace them with fats, you could be eating much higher calories than you realise.
Track your food for a week and be super honest to yourself about what you’re eating. You don’t have to share it or take it to heart, but use it as a starting block.
5. Change up your workouts
Been following the same workouts since you joined the gym and aren’t seeing the results? Change up your workout! The more you do something, your body adapts to it. Your muscles become stronger and you’re not challenging yourself anymore.
Ask a PT to help you put together a 4-6 week plan and change what you’re doing. Add in a HIIT workout or an extra class at the gym. It’ll get your metabolism racing again and you may discover something new that you love!
My last tip of the day don’t be so hard on yourself. Losing body fat is not easy and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Give it four weeks of hard work and commitment and you’ll be so thankful to yourself. Learn to enjoy cooking, eating healthily, looking after yourself and most importantly, loving how you look.
Being the best version of yourself isn’t just for January!
GL xx
For more Nutrition advice or a personalised macro plan, visit GL Nutrition or click the Home button at the top of the page and find out how we can help you achieve your goals!

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