Breakfast Made Easy


One thing I’ve found over the last few years is how important breakfast is to me. I’ve quickly become one of those people that wakes up needing food before I turn into a monster. This can only mean one thing – it needs to be quick and easy!

I tend to live my nutritional life now by ‘If It Fits Your Macros’ (or iffym as most will know it). This means that as long as whatever I eat fits into my calories and I’m still getting enough protein, fats and carbs – I can eat it although I do try to keep my processed sugars low still!
With this in mind and breakfast being the first meal of the day, I do make it a big one! My standard protein smoothie goes with every breakfast and I’ll occasionally change up the fruit in it but tend to use frozen berry mixes most days!
Nut Butter Banana Muffin
I pretty much put Pip and Nut with any breakfast that I possibly can, but my go to quick breakfast is a wholemeal muffin topped with nut butter and banana (or blueberries).
Yoghurt and Homemade Muesli
For over a year now, my Mum and I have been cooking up muesli recipes to cut down on the sugar that you find in so many of the shop bought ones. It’s so simple to make in just 15 minutes and the perfect breakfast or evening snack topped with frozen fruit (and again peanut butter)! Find our granola recipe here.
Eggs and avocado on toast
The staple Instagram photo for every health blogger and one that will never get old! Full of healthy fats in the avocado and eggs, its the best start to a morning when you’re looking for a filling breakfast with extra protein!
Porridge with Peanut Butter and Pomegranate/Berries
This is my go-to daily breakfast at the moment to warm me up when I roll out of bed in the Winter. I’m not a huge fan of porridge on it’s own and I opt for the rolled wholewheat porridge oats rather than packets as they don’t have the added sugar. I mix in 20-30g of nut butter (AGAIN) and top with it with some pomegranate for a sweet kick too!fullsizerender-4
I try and keep breakfast as simple as possible but protein pancakes at the weekend are always a great treat!
What are your favourite foods for breakfast?
GL xx

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