Office Life and Keeping Fit

It’s been a busy few months and I’ve managed to fall away from blogging again however; this doesn’t mean I’ve been away from the gym! In fact, very differently, I’ve changed up my routine with exercise, food and most importantly work! 

A few months ago I went from being on my feet constantly and doing about 18,000 steps a day running around in retail…to office work. I’d worked in an office before but I was nowhere near as active then so it was a bit of a shock to the system I must admit!
After a few days I decided that I couldn’t sit down all day and had to find a way to move when I could, so here is my top tips to keeping fit in an office…
1. Take the stairs.
This is something so so simple and the one thing that most of us probable avoid a lot of the time. Unfortunately for me, I worked on the 7th floor of my building which meant A LOT of stairs! It hurts and you feel like it’s never going to end but doing this up and down a few times a day was a great kick up the bum for me. I usually go out on my lunch and breaks which meant that I’d actually end up over my 10,000 step goal most days!
2. Take your own office snacks and lunches.
Offices are very dangerous places when it comes to food especially with Christmas nearing every day; there always seems to be birthdays or any excuse for someone to bring in ALL of the crisps and doughnuts. You never eat just one either.
I tend to position myself to I can’t see the unhealthy options because for me if I can’t see it, I can convince myself it’s not there haha! But in all seriousness, take snacks to work with you. They can be anything you want that’s going to keep you on track when you’re suddenly hungry and reach for the first thing you find. I usually will take a piece of fruit for the morning and a protein bar for the afternoon/evening (if you haven’t discovered Grenade Carb Killa bars yet – GO NOW!)
3. Water.
You’ll be weeing all day but the one thing I missed in retail was being able to grab a drink whenever I could. I’ve now set myself up so that I have a 2 litre water bottle on my desk and leave it there. I fill it up in the morning and leave it next to me so I remind myself to drink enough throughout the day. Another bonus of doing this is it’ll keep you much more alert and hopefully avoid that afternoon slugish feeling!
These are my top three tips to keep you healthy and refreshed when working in an office. I haven’t quite pushed myself to the ideas floating around of sitting on an exercise ball for posture or planking by my desk yet, but you never know! How do you keep on track at work? Send me your ideas!
GL xx

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