Healthy Nutty Muesli

Cereal is such an easy breakfast when you’re in a rush and in need of something fast, but with so many in shops packed with sugar, it’s difficult to keep it healthy! With this quick, easy and extremely tasty granola recipe you’ll have plenty of reason to still have a simple breakfast and make the most of those extra 10 minutes in bed in the morning!

One thing that I’ve tried to cut down on in my diet is processed sugars, so when I do reach for something sweet, I look for natural sugars like maple syrup or honey. These natural sources won’t spike your sugar levels causing you to feel hungry later or have a crash later on causing you to feel tired.


Layer up with natural yoghurt and fresh fruit the night before in the fridge or throw it together for a speedy breakfast or snack! As it is higher in fat (good fats) due to the almonds and coconut oil, try to stick to a serving size of around 60g or less.

Keep an eye open for more tasty recipes coming to the blog soon! Enjoy!

GL xx


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