Macros – Fat

Fat – the devil word that everyone wants to avoid. However, looking at the cons and pros today, find out if you should be avoiding or included it in your diet.

More recently, fat has become less of a bad thing in our daily lives and more accepted in the health word. However, for years, it has been a misconception that fat is bad for us and we should be eating less of it, or low fat products where possible.

First of all – not all fat is bad!!! Fat as a macro is split into three different types – saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Ideally we should be splitting these 1/3 each in our daily intake of fat overall.

What foods contain these fats?

Saturated Mono-Unsaturated Poly-Unsaturated
Meat Olive Oil Vegetable Oils
Butter Avocado Some Nuts
Eggs Some Nuts Tuna
Coconut Oil Seeds Mackerel


Energy balls including nuts, coconut and LOTS of healthy fats!

What does fat do in the body?

Actually, your body is using fat as more of an energy source than it does carbs – unless you’re taking part in high intensity exercise. Don’t get me wrong – you also still need carbs!

Like anything, fat is amazing, within moderation. It is higher in calories compared to protein and carbs at 9kcals per 1g of fat; however, it is necessary. Some it’s other benefits include insulation, solubilising vitamins, regulating metabolism, breaking down protein, cell function, energy transport etc.

What fats should we avoid?

Technically speaking, no food should be avoided! As I mentioned previously, its all about moderation and balance. By aiming to split your fats equally, you will be providing your body with a balanced amount and not overloading on one type. In particular, we should be watching out for how much trans/saturated fat we eat as these are more commonly found in foods that we know are unhealthier anyway!


Aim for a palm amount of fat per serving and no more, this is plenty for one portion! Foods full of good fats are some of the tastiest so cutting them out of your diet is just not going to make you happy – who can really live without avocado in their life!?

GL xx



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