If you’re interested in fitness or nutrition, by now, you’ll probably know what macros are and how important they are to your body and diet. 

So what are macronutrients made up of? Protein, fat, carbs. That’s it!

How can macros help us in weight loss? Each macro has a different benefit that will aid you in losing weight! With protein and carbs made up of 4Kcal per gram and fat containing 9Kcal per gram, the amounts of each that you are eating throughout the day is very important.


There are many ways that people calculate their own macros now in order to count them on a daily basis. I personally count my macros not only because I have the correct calculations and qualifications (GL Nutrition) to do so properly, but also because it keeps me on track with my food. I fall very easily into the trap of seeing foods that I like and not thinking twice about eating them. Working with daily Macros has enabled me to lose body fat in a healthy way with a lot of variety and great foods still in my diet every day!

Some people can’t grasp the idea of counting macros and tracking food every day, but if you have a goal to reach in a specific time period, you want to get into a habit or just simply kickstart your fat loss – tracking your food and counting personalised macros is the way to go about it.

Take a look at Precision Nutritions guide on portion sizes for each Macronutrient for your meals and get an idea of where to start today.


If you have a goal you want to meet and need your Macros personalised to your needs, head to now!

GL xx



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