Sorry for the Silence

As you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit quiet lately. The good news is, there are so many exciting things coming to Little Blog of GL!

Many things in my life have changed this year; I ran a half marathon, I completed a crossfit foundation course and fell in love with the world of crossfit and most importantly – I went to London to attend the LDNM Academy and achieved a distinction in Nutrition Coaching.


I decided to go on the course to increase my own nutritional advice, get better results and really know what food I should be putting into my body! For anyone looking to take on a Nutrition Course, I would highly recommend LDN Muscle. The information they gave was incredible and they genuinely believe and follow everything that they teach.

After achieving a distinction, I realised I couldn’t use this just for me. So, I introduce to you GL Nutrition Coaching. GL Nutrition will be providing personalised nutrition coaching to meet your personal needs and goals, specialising in weight loss, we can achieve your goals together!

LogoThe GL Nutrition website and launch is currently in the process and will be live from July 2016! In the meantime, watch this space, a special competition on it’s way and more information to follow! 

GL xx


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