February Achievements

One thing that I want to start introducing to Little Blog of GL is my monthly achievements. It’s so important to look back on what we have achieved, not only to see how we can improve in the future, but also to appreciate our own hard work and progress.

February has been a pretty great month for me. I’ve settled into my new job and work two extra evenings in a second job. As much as this is hard, I now know what days I work, at what times and when I can exercise around this. I still miss workouts sometimes when things get a bit too much, but I’ve got myself back into a good routine and I’m pushing for progress again. I’ve almost completely got my head around nutrition too. I’ve been cooking brand new recipes and trying new foods I’d never imagined before and loving all aspects of health and nutrition!

I’ve been working with JB Fitness since November 2015 now and having a different set of workouts given to me every 3-4 weeks is so refreshing. It keeps me motivated and keeps my body challenged too! I’ve been keeping in mind the Adidas Half Marathon (in just two weeks time!!) and trying to fit in some runs to my schedule too, however, running motivation has never come easy to me.

A few weeks ago I took on a 10 mile run with Run Through events, at the VeloPark, Stratford. Signing up to organised events pushes me to run a certain distance and feel like I’ve achieved something. It was always going to be a challenge having never run over 10k before; however, I went along with my best friend and absolutely smashed it. My training with Jack has clearly paid off because I felt so much stronger than I expected.

The wind and cold was excruciating and it was an extremely hilly, one mile lap course. After 1:43:15, I was finished and so so proud of myself!

After this, I persuaded myself to sign up to at least one organised running event, per month, this year! By doing this, I’ll keep myself running, whilst feeling that sense of achievement I felt after the 10 mile run.

I’ve since run the Richmond 10k Park event and although my time was slower than I’d hoped, it was a great event and certainly one I would do again. The park is beautiful, with wild deer around you and mixed terrain paths, it’s great training for anyone looking to push themselves!

I’ve got lot more challenges to come in March so I’m ready and excited to keep going with this! Keep your eyes peeled for exciting plans to follow very soon!

How are you challenging yourself?

GL xx


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