2016 – Goals and Challenges

It’s a brand new year which means more hard work, new challenges, dedication and sweat!

In 2015, the only goal I really remember setting myself at the beginning, was to achieve full body press ups – which was a success! This year, I’m upping my game a bit and setting myself some small and some bigger challenges to complete!

  1. Unassisted Pull Ups – This is a massive challenge for me! My upper body strength is still proving to be my weaker spot so achieving this would be incredible. Admiring other people doing pull ups in the gym is something I’ve caught myself doing a few times. It’s something I beg my body to be able to do but so far, no luck. I’ll be putting a lot of effort into this and hopefully achieving it very soon!
  2. Complete a Half Marathon – I’ve signed up to a half marathon once before and it didn’t exactly happen. Having now taken part in four timed 10k events, it’s time I push myself to complete something bigger. This year, I will complete it! I’ve signed up to the Silverstone Half Marathon in March 2016, my training has started and it’s something I will be so proud of achieving – no matter what the time is!
  3. Nutrition – I want to keep learning more about nutrition and what works best for my body. With the help of personal trainers and countless cooking books, I will continue this, whilst testing out lots of new recipes!
  4. Drink more water – Over the next month I’m setting myself a goal to drink at least 2.5 litres of water a day. Drinking water is something I often neglect until after exercise and something that links heavily to fatigue.

One thing I have learnt in 2015 is to never overload your goals. If you’re starting from scratch, face one thing at a time. The more pressure you put on yourself, the more likely it is to fail. Once you achieve one goal – set yourself a new one! It’s a never ending challenge!

What are your goals for 2016? Make a wish and go get it!

Photo 20-12-2015, 12 08 08 pm

GL xx


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