Top 5 Fitness Apps

I’m all for trying new things to keep myself on track and one the best ways to do this for me, is through the use of Fitness Apps. I’ve rounded up my top five apps for fitness!

  1. Snaptrack – Photos, measurements and albums. When I started Kayla Itsines’ BBG at the start of this year, progress photos were always top of my list in how to spot my progress. Snap track allows you to upload photos and measurements into dated folders; this makes it SO much easier to remember when your previous photos were taken and how much you’ve improved.
  2. Nuffield Health – This may not suit many people, but as a member of a Nuffield gym, I love this app! When you sign up to Nuffield, you have a health MOT to assess your measurements, resting heart rate, VO2 Max and lots more. These results are all then inputed to your profile to create a score. Every workout you do and put into the app, it will tell you when your next workout should be, making your score go up or down! Follow friends and receive weekly emails to compare your results too. Track your runs, walks and bike rides too for splits, calories and timings!
  3. My Fitness Pal – This app is so popular but for a reason! Track your daily calorie intake, macros and meals by putting in the foods you eat throughout the day. It’s a great app for keeping on track as it makes you really think about what you’re eating. Only you know about that chocolate bar you ate earlier – but writing it down sure does make it feel more real!
  4. Microsoft Health – Last but certainly not least is Microsoft Health. Linked to my Microsoft Band, it shows me all of my steps, sleep results, running results and workout details. I’ve had my Microsoft Band since the first one came out in April this year, I’ve literally worn it until it’s falling apart. The results it gives me are always consistent and as much as the battery life isn’t great, I couldn’t live without knowing all of this information every day!
  5. Sweat with Kayla – Brand new to the list and one that I haven’t started using enough yet. This year I completed Kayla Itsines’ BBG 1.0 and 2.0 before moving on to new training programmes. I tried to repeat them but couldn’t motivate myself as much so decided to wait for BBG 3.0. Kayla recently announced the launch of her brand new app INCLUDING BBG 3.0; so I couldn’t wait to download it. I will be joining The Kayla Movement again in 2016 and getting my BBG back on!

There are so many fitness apps available from workouts to how much water you’re drinking a day – there’s literally something for every one and every individual goal!

What apps keep you on track?

GL xx


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