Staying on Track

Christmas is always a hard time for people to stay on track with healthy eating and getting to the gym. I’m going to make it my aim over the next three weeks to plan my workouts properly and stick to them!

Whilst I decide what to do with my career, I’ve gone back to working in a supermarket with the graveyard shifts that no one else wants to do! One week in and it’s already made an impact on my fitness goals.

I’m still working with JB Fitness and we’ve only a few weeks left of my seven week plan so I found it really disappointing to only fit one workout in.

With Christmas in less than two weeks and the festive meals already starting, I wanted to set myself some specific (and reasonable) goals to commit to.

  1. Complete at least two gym/weights sessions in a week and one long run.
  2. Eat as healthily as possible to appreciate ‘treat’ meals more.
  3. Don’t use working hours as an excuse not to workout – make time and stick to the plan!

Hopefully, these three things will be easy enough to stick to up until New Year. I’ve made incredible progress since starting the training plan and I don’t want to ruin it in just a few weeks! Having someone to report my results back to has made a massive impact in how hard I workout and I’ve surprised myself as well as everyone else!

A full review of JB Fitness will be coming once I finish my training programme, along with my 2016 and January plans!

How are you going to stay on track over Christmas?

GL xx


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