It Doesn’t Get Easier, You Get Stronger

As part of my training with JB Fitness, I had to choose my own workout. With a half marathon to run in March next year, I wanted to start tackling some hill training. 

Straight after breakfast, we headed to Queen Elizabeth Country Park near Portsmouth. The cold weather has suddenly hit us for winter in England so it was a slight shock to the system.

As Jon is part of his university athletics team, I let him help me with a hill training session and teach me what I need to know!

We started with some short jogging circuits which honestly, I hated! I need to get out of the habit of my mind telling me I ‘can’t’ do something when I’m not used to it. I never run on grass so that was something that instantly made it harder for me…especially when I fell over it!  I think I also need to learn to pick my feet up a bit more haha!

After falling over and finding myself a bit more motivated to not embarrass myself some more; we did some warm up drills including things like high knees, kickbacks and downhill sprints. We did these to stretch and warm up the muscles we’d be using in the hill sprints.

The hill sprints consisted of sprinting as far as I possibly could up the steepest stretch of the hill. With no more than 6 sprints to aim for, we finished on 4 and a serious lack of breath.

It was honestly one of the hardest runs I have ever done. I’ve always hated running up hills but I’ve never tried to improve and train on them. Hopefully by doing this at least once every two weeks, I will get stronger and can keep improving.

Photo 23-11-2015, 6 46 50 p.m.

Starting my half marathon training now will only make it easier on the day. I want to be prepared and run the best I possibly can with no worries in the back of my mind – like running up hills!

What do you do for hill training? Leave any tips in the comments below!

GL xx


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