Just Do It!

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take” – This quote was a key one of for me at the weekend.

Working for a charity and being in charge of the challenges, there is always events that catch my eye and I wish I could do them all. However, the last think I expected was to be asked to fill a space on an overseas cycling challenge to Cuba…in less than two weeks!!

I’m not a cyclist, I haven’t been on a bike for five years but if I’d have said no, I think I would regret it forever. I eventually jumped at the chance and in 10 days time I will be boarding a plane and praying my little legs can fight through with me! I will be going on a 9 day trip, with 5 days full on cycling, cycling 350km across the Caribbean Island of Cuba.

I keep having to ask myself, how on earth am I going to manage this?! I’m still not 100% sure I will manage it but I’ll certainly give it a go. If I do make it, I think I’ll 100% have Kayla Itsines to thank for getting me in the gym every week this year and increasing my fitness to a level I’ve never been at before!

I will document the trip on here along with a million photos (sorry in advance) but I cannot wait to take on a new challenge! I now have a week and a half to train as much as possible. I will be cycling up to 50 miles each day, over five days so I have a lot to achieve! First things first, I will be training on the stationary bike in the gym a few times this week to get my muscles used to it, then I will head out for a long cycle at the weekend, on a proper bike!

A few weeks ago I found out I hadn’t won a London Marathon place in the ballot and was gutted so to me this was a sign, I was meant to do something big and I will achieve that goal!

Please keep all fingers and toes crossed that my legs don’t give up on me, and I can still feel my bum at the end of it! If any of you have any tips for preparation or necessary things I should take with me, please let me know! I’m hoping to raise as much as money as I can before I go so please dig deep and help support teenagers with cancer at the link below. Thank you!


GL xx


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