Trust Your Own Strength

A few weeks ago I met with a personal trainer in the gym I go to, to discuss briefly what training he thinks I should be doing and how to improve.

I’ve been a bit slack in training the last few months now which isn’t making me feel good at all. However, this is because I honestly don’t know what I should be doing or what I want to be doing now.

He immediately told me to introduce strength training into my routine 3 times a week and if I want to continue doing HIIT then to do that on alternate days. We spent half an hour in the weights section and started with squats on the bar and I certainly surprised myself!

Being introduced to weights is a scary thing when you haven’t gone heavy before! On that Friday morning, bunged up with a cold and at 7am (I hate mornings), I managed to squat my own body weight and I could not believe it!

Since I had already bought the LDN Muscle guide, he advised that I follow the exercises in there, but increase my weights to 5 x rep sets for each. I’ve been doing this for two weeks now and it certainly feels a lot harder and therefore more satisfying leaving the gym!

I’m aiming to complete this 3-4 times a week and include HIIT where I have time and keep on top of my diet. I’ve learnt to trust in my own strength and tell myself I can do more than I believe. There was no way I thought I could lift that much!

Yesterday I signed myself up for a huge challenge in just under two weeks time which will certainly push me back into the gym for some training cramming!

Exciting news and more details to follow…

GL xx


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