Food, Glorious Food!

It seems this year that there are food festivals everywhere! I’m a huge food lover so when I got asked to go to a local one with a friend yesterday, there was no way I was turning that down! We went down to Hitchin Food Festival to find sun, big crowds and a lot of food to choose from!We immediately went on the hunt for lunch and lusted over many pulled pork burgers and smoothies, and everything you can imagine. I ended up going for a Vegetarian Pad Thai; I’m not personally veggie but it tasted incredible. It was a small amount filled with vegetables and a ton of beansprouts, covered in an amazing Pad Thai sauce and lime.

The stall were also selling ‘Powerballs’; I’ve seen these everywhere recently on blogs and they’re so full of goodness and protein. I tried making Carly Rowena’s version recently but they just turned into a gooey mess so I’m not sure how I went wrong there – one that I’ll definitely try again in the future though!

These Powerballs contained nuts and cacao nibs which tasted incredible, they were chewy and filling and would be a great snack before/after the gym with protein powder in them.

I couldn’t go home without having a crepe and didn’t need to be asked twice, I went for a Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate filling, which tasted heavenly! It wasn’t the healthiest thing ever but I couldn’t leave without a bit of a treat.

If you have a food and drink festival near your town, I would highly recommend going along and trying some of the locally produced food. The best thing about these markets is you can try bits of the food before buying, it all tastes amazing and there’s so much to try – particularly if you’re a lover of cheese and olives, they seem to be the highlight of every food festival!

Next stop for me – Street Feast in Shoreditch! I’ve heard great things and can’t wait to give it a visit! However, today being a Monday means I’m starting my new LDN Muscle gym plan and back to eating very clean!

GL xx


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