Break Through The Wall

I knew there would be a time when I just couldn’t motivate myself anymore with the same workouts. 

I’ve been doing Kayla Itsines’ BBG since January 5th and as much as I still love it, I feel like it’s time for something new. I’m finding it hard to fit in my workouts, hard to motivate myself to do them and even harder to see changes in my body. My body seems to have adapted to BBG and I need something that’s going to shock it right back into making progress!

My friend introduced me to LDNMuscle on Instagram and Clean_Eating_Alice. I instantly knew that it was time to try something new and that would probably be it.

I’ve never done proper weight lifting, It was always something I tried in gym classes or here and there in the gym, never really knowing what I was doing. Over the last 8 months, I’ve toned up a lot and feel like I have lost a lot of body fat. However, I find it a lot harder than I realised to build muscle and I think that is where weights need to come in to my routine now. The best thing about building muscle is that, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn throughout the day. The LDN Muscle guide is predominantly weight training, with HIIT and LISS included too, therefore very similar to Kayla, but slightly more challenging for me at this stage. It includes everything I need not only to build muscle but also to continue burning fat.


There are a number of different guides available from LDN Muscle, for both men and women. I chose to buy the Bikini Body Guide for £44.99 which includes nutrition and exercise advise, specific to your body type. It is an extremely detailed 137 page guide with each section clearly marked. It encourages counting macros which I’ve never tried before, and is a lot more challenging than I realised.

I’m really excited to try something new and see what progress I can make in the last few months of the year! The guide is 18 weeks long which will bring me right up to New Year, what better way to end the year?!

I’ll be going back to weekly/fortnightly updates on my blog and hopefully some more positive changes to my body!

If not, I’ll be straight back onto Kayla!

GL xx


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