BBG Round 3 Update

So, a few weeks ago I wrote that I was starting BBG 1.0 again! This is now my 3rd round of BBG (completed 1.0 and 2.0) and I was excited to see how far I had come sine the first round…

What a fool I was for thinking it would be easier! Haha!

I completed week 1 Legs and honestly couldn’t walk for three days! I went super hard and loved doing different exercises again to BBG 2.0, but I completely underestimated how much pain I would be in the day after!

When I first started getting into HIIT classes at the gym almost a year ago, a┬áPT once said to me ‘It doesn’t get easier, because you keep working harder’. It’s completely true in relation to Kayla as well. Those 7 minutes don’t get any easier because the aim is to always push yourself as hard as you can! If it was a case of completing a certain number of reps, yes it would be easier.

Honestly, I’m glad that I felt that much pain because it’s made me realise that I still have to keep working hard to achieve results! The only down side is I’m now petrified of leg day again haha!

I took a progress photo this morning and although it may not seem a massive difference compared to week 22, in my eyes, I’m starting to notice progress again in areas that may not be visible to everyone else. I feel so strong and I really feel like HIIT running is stripping the last bit of fat from my stomach. My legs are continuously slimming down and beginning to shape up I think and look more athletic. Something I’d still like to improve, is my arms, however this has always been my weakest area and I have seen a huge improvement so far. I need to stop letting my mind take over when I’m doing push ups and fight through the pain; as well as increasing weights for arm exercises.

I want to concentrate on completing all of my workouts over the next few weeks, however, I feel sometimes I put too much pressure on myself to do too much so I need to not feel guilty if I do miss one. My aim over the next few months also, is to work on pull ups. I’m always too scared to try them in the gym as there’s so many people watching, but it’s something I want to achieve by the end of the year and be able to do well.

What do you personally do if you miss a workout?

GL xx


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