Find Your Positive Side

Every one has days when they feel rubbish, something hasn’t gone how you wanted it to or you’re just feeling a bit low and deflated. 

One of my best friends used to tell me that you have to think positively for positive things to happen. She may have influenced my belief in this, but sometimes it actually takes a different view on life for you to actually believe it.

I started volunteering for a charity a few years ago, one that I’m now lucky enough work for; but it was this and meeting some of the people that we work with, that made me realise how lucky I am in my life. Since then, I’ve tried to have a positive outlook on life, to be more optimistic and believe the best in everything.

However, even I still get to a point when I have such a rubbish day, it’s almost impossible to see the positives. This will also apply to a lot of people in fitness journeys; you take a progress picture and don’t see as much of a difference as you’d like, or you have a bad workout and feel too tired to work as hard as you’d like. All of these things make me feel horrendous, but if you take a step outside of your thoughts, and remind yourself of how far you’ve already come, you’ll start to see the positive side again.

On days like this, you need a fresh outlook on your journey, eat a healthy meal, have a good sleep and refresh the next morning by reminding yourself of how much you’ve already achieved. A journey doesn’t need to have a defined ending, think of it as a lifestyle change, once you remember that, you won’t feel so bad about how long the results might take.

It may sound ‘cringe’ but I genuinely feel a better person when I think positively. I do believe the more positive you are, the further you will get in life and anything you strive to achieve. The hard part is being positive about yourself and believing in you!

GL xx


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