Think Like an Athlete

Last week I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Lee Valley Athletics Centre with work. We took 25 teens to have a sports workshop with Jade Johnson along with other athletes and coaches.

It was an incredible day, and even though I didn’t get to take part in the activities, it was so incredible to watch. They coached the young people long jump, shot put, sprinting, high jump and a relay to finish.

Jade Johnson was so inspirational, she was positive, motivating and just watching her and the other athletes run and sprint, made me want to get in the gym!

I recently wrote a blog post after watching the Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games (read it here) about finding your inspiration, I got exactly the same feeling last week when I was at Lee Valley. These are the people that motivate me!

Athlete’s have such a positive attitude to everything they do. That is what I want to achieve in fitness.

There’s no point in working hard continuously and trying to eat healthily if you don’t believe in yourself. I see so many people on social media writing ‘I want to look like this’ and I’m guilty of it myself, but what we should really be saying is ‘I will look like that’.

Don’t just dream of a goal, think like an athlete and believe you can do whatever you want to!

GL xx


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