Create Your Own Therapy

One of my favourite parts of exercise is the way it makes me feel afterwards. Whether it’s a walk or high intensity training, just 30 minutes of exercise is enough to release endorphins. 

Endorphins are a chemical released in your body that effectively make you feel good. What more could you want?!

Endorphins combined with pure concentration is my therapy. When I’ve had a bad day, going to gym may be the last thing I want to do, but I always know it’s going to make me

feel a hell of a lot better than crawling into my bed and feeling sorry for myself.

Sometimes you just have to get outside, or in the gym and work out a bad mood or even a bad day. Concentrate on your workout, every muscle and every step; by the time you’ve finished you may have even realised – it isn’t all that bad.

If I have something I really want to think over to make it better, I tend to walk or run. If I have something I want to forget happened or I’m feeling really angry, HIIT is my go to. Figure out what works for you and work it out your own way. It may also stop you solving a bad day with a tub of ice cream (admittedly I used to do this a lot!).

Remember, when you workout, you’re in your own world, block out the people around you, think about yourself and work your butt off. Release the endorphins and feel relaxed again!

Exercise won’t solve your problems but it certainly does a good job for me at helping me clear my head!

What is your go to therapeutic exercise?

GL xx


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