Prepare to Succeed

I’ve been struggling to come up with blog posts recently because honestly, not much has changed in my fitness life!

I’ve got my diet on track at the moment when possible, this has improved massively since I started following the two week plan in Kayla’s HELP guide. I’ve restarted BBG 1.0 and although I haven’t completed all of the workouts I should have, I know this is purely down to work commitments and being away, so I’m promising not to worry about it this time around.

I’ve mentioned this before around the time I started my blog, but it’s something that I will always stick to – preparing which workouts, on which days during the week!!

I’m away with work this week so knowing this, but also knowing I would have access to a gym, I have planned my workouts accordingly. I will complete my LISS and treadmill HIIT for the week whilst I’m away, and my circuits I will complete on the days I am back in my normal gym. I’m really glad that I planned this as well, there isn’t enough equipment in the gym where I’m staying so I would have had to change my circuits and not push myself as much.

I personally hate missing workouts so when I know I probably won’t get one in on my usual day, I have to prepare for this in advance. If you prepare your workouts, you won’t get to the end of the week and think ‘Oh I missed another one this week’; It’s so easy to do and if you’re anything like me, it’ll only end up annoying you, no one else.

This always reminds me of the saying teachers used to say about exams “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. It’s one of the most annoying sayings…because it’s so true. With so many workouts to fit in whilst completing BBG, preparing will only help you succeed more than you expected!

The same goes for nutrition and diet, if you don’t plan what you’re eating for the week, you will more than likely forget to buy a certain meal and end up eating something unhealthy that you find around the house.

GL xx


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