Find Your Inspiration

On Friday, we jumped on the train to London ready to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of the London 2012 Olympic Games.I remember everything about the Olympics 3years ago and hearing everyone so inspired by it!

The Anniversary Games are hosted by Sainsbury’s and we were so excited knowing that some of the worlds and (Britain’s) most famous athletes would be competing that night too.

The stadium wasn’t packed but the atmosphere was still incredible. Athletes always compete for more, that last stride to push you over the finish line, or jumping a little higher. They never give up and it’s so incredible to see how much they still enjoy it as well.


The thing I love about watching athletics and any sport, is you can find so much inspiration from them. I sat and watched the athletes and realised – all it takes is hard work and commitment.

Okay, I’m not planning on becoming a competitive athlete but it makes me confident that if I keep working, I can continue to get stronger, fitter and some day achieve the body I want to. I can complete a marathon and keep setting myself goals that might seem unreachable now, but one day they won’t be. I just have to keep working hard.


When your struggling with motivation, find your inspiration in an athlete or a sports person and remind yourself that they’ve probably also had a day when they wanted to give up – but you don’t get anywhere from giving up, do you?!

If that fails, just look at Jessica Ennis’ abs…That’s always enough to get my bum back in the gym! Haha

GL xx


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