HIIT Your Goals

You can walk in to any gym now and there’s always at least one person performing HIIT. For anyone that doesn’t know, HIIT stands for; High Intensity Interval Training. It’s fast, physically tough and super effective for all kinds of fitness goals. 

I’d never taken part in HIIT until last year, so I’d never seen how well it can really work. My favourite part about it? You can do a 15-30 minute workout and still have worked 2 times as hard as fi you’d run on a treadmill for an hour.

Whilst in the gym last night, I looked around and thought about the variety of HIIT available to everyone and how it can be so easily adapted to your personal goals.

First of all Kayla’s BBG Circuits are a great example of HIIT. They are formed of 7 minute circuits, 4 exercises in each, with a 30-90 second rest in between each circuit. These are great for anyone looking to improve overall body toning and fat loss as they are split to work different body parts on different days (legs, arms, abs, full body). From the idea of this, it’s also really easy to put together your own HIIT circuits – just make them challenging!

Another option for HIIT is to use any of the cardio machines in the gym. On the treadmill, perform 30:30 sprints/jog. I have only just started doing this so, I warm up with a fast walk for 5 minutes, my jogging speed is 8.5km/h and sprint is currently at 12 km/h for ten minutes; followed by a 3 minutes fast walk cool down. This is really easy to build upon so that you’re constantly working to your maximum. Run faster or extend the time – just run!

Alternatively, use the cross trainer, rowing machine or bike with 30:30 intervals; the options are endless!

Every HIIT session I finish, I’m dripping with sweat, I look like I’ve worked hard, my muscles are tired and I work to the point where I can’t physically do anymore. The best thing about HIIT is it continues burning fat for hours after you’ve finished!!

What do you do for HIIT?

GL xx 


2 thoughts on “HIIT Your Goals

  1. crosstitchery says:

    I use the cross trainer for hit – level 6 the whole time, but keeping my RPM’s above 80 for my ‘sprint’ 30 secs, and below 60 for my ‘jog’ section. I’m doing BBG too and am in Week 6, so HIIT has officially started for me, but I’ve tried it and can tell it definitely works!

    I was just wondering, when you do HIIT on the treadmill, are you constantly changing the speed every 30 seconds? Or do you have it at speed 12 and just jump on and off?


    • gemmalina says:

      Yes I constantly change the speed! Although my old gym it was really hard to do on the treadmill so I did have to jump on and off then – just be super careful when doing it haha! It’s pretty quick!!

      Your HIIT sounds good – I’ll give that a go too!


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