Shock Your Body

On Tuesday I went to the gym really excited for my 3 month Health MOT – only to find it had been double booked and I had to rebook. Because of this, I was offered a free Personal Training session there and then.

Knowing these are pretty expensive I decided to take it see what they throw at me.

We started off the round with 1000m on the rowing machine which took just under 5 minutes. I used to hate the rower and could only ever complete about a minute on it. It felt amazing to do something different and actually know that a year ago I wouldn’t have been able to achieve it.

I then completed 20 seconds reps of the following exercises (Repeated Sets 3x).

Box Squat Jumps with Weight

Jumping off the box into a squat; throwing arms into the air above your head, whilst holding a small weight. Follow by jumping back onto the box, lowering arms. Repeat. 

Box Snap Jumps

With a box jump in front of you, get into a press up position, feet on the floor and hands on the box. Snap jump your legs towards your body and touch your thighs with both hands. Jump your legs back out to starting position and repeat.

Weighted Russian Twists

With a weight plate, lift your legs to a 90degree angle and move weight side to side, twisting and working obliques.  

Power Plate

30 Seconds each of the following exercises on the Power Plate – 

  • Low Squats
  • Press Ups
  • Plank 
  • X Mountain Climbers

We then completed 10 minutes on the Treadmill with interval sprinting. 

This was all then followed by using the exercise ball, incorporating core balance with the following exercises for 20 second reps. Repeat sets 3x:

  • Jackknifes – Balancing feet on the ball in a straight arm plank position – pull your legs in towards your body and back out again. 
  • In and Out Plank –In a plank position resting on the ball, move your arms as far forward and back as possible feeling the pull in your abs. 
  • Leg Lifts –Lift the ball between your legs passing to your arms and back down. Do not touch the floor with either your arms or legs throughout the 20 seconds. 

I found the core exercises the hardest in the PT session and think overall I could have been worked a lot harder if I had been paying for it. However, it was great to do something different, I worked up a good sweat and it wasn’t a wasted trip to the gym after all!

I feel like, even though i’m now on week 24 of Kayla Itsines BBG – I’m STILL trying to figure out what works for my body, what it responds to and also what doesn’t work! It’s always great to shock your body with sessions like this. Doing the same routine every week, your body adapts to it and therefore you won’t see as much of a progression. Change your workouts every few weeks and add an extra one in that’s completely different 1-2 times a month and keep your body guessing!

Ever since I started BBG 1.0 in January – I’ve ignored the advice in the guide of walking as LISS and I’ve been swimming and running instead. After seeing Kayla’s post recently that this isn’t what she advises, I immediately decided to give it a go and have now been walking 40-45 minutes a few times a week for LISS. It just seems too easy to me for weight loss but I genuinely feel within the last few weeks that I’ve noticed a fat loss from both walking and the HELP guide combined.

GL xx


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