Glastonbury Loving!

What a week! This is the second time I’ve been to Glastonbury Festival and it’s honestly one of my favourite places in the world. Even in pouring rain, I would never want to leave – just give me a shower maybe and I’ll stay forever!

This time, I decided to take my Microsoft Band with me to see how far we were walking. Glastonbury being basically the size of a city; you know you’re going to walk a lot, but I didn’t really imagine just how much it would be. We were walking on average 8 miles a day, at a slow pace it doesn’t burn 1000’s of calories but it certainly made me feel a little less guilty for having a week off exercise.


One of my favourite parts about Glastonbury is the food – there’s literally everything you could imagine. Thai, Chinese, Indian, Hog Roast, Pies and so much more; I was in food heaven!! It’s hard to keep a clean diet when you’re at a festival but I decided to just enjoy it and worry when I was back home (now back to fully clean eating!). Ensuring that you still eat fruit and vegetables within your meals or snacks means that you’re still getting nutrients to keep you refreshed and obviously drinking a lot of water will help too!

We saw some incredible acts over the weekend and I loved every second of it. I’m straight back into week 23 of BBG 2.0; leg day nearly killed me in the English heatwave and having taken a week off but I’m so excited that I’ve nearly completed BBG 2.0!

I have four weeks until my holiday and hopefully a few more adventures planned in between! I’m going to work my butt off for the next four weeks, finish BBG 2.0 (repeating week 23/24 again to bring me up to my holiday) and then start BBG all over again in a few weeks time (FOR THE THIRD TIME)!!

GL xx


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