We Run London

Yesterday I ran the Nike Women’s 10k Run in Victoria Park. I knew Nike never go short on their events so it was going to be pretty special. There were so many stalls, I felt like I was in a dream world – they were all healthy and nutritious! 

With this much food around I naturally became hungry INSTANTLY! Of course I went straight to the Pip and Nut food bar, id seen a lot of PR from Pip and Nut and knew they were going to be there so I was desperate to try it. I went for peanut butter on Rye toast and was told by a member of staff the strawberries would compliment it really well – he was right (thanks!). The nut butter melted instantly on the toast (my favourite way) and the strawberries added a sweet bite to the toast that I needed right before the race. 
At 10:30 we all lined up, after another warm up and a few words of motivation from Ellie Goulding over the microphone; it was time to start!

I had put myself in the 55-60 minute category as I REALLY wanted to get a time under an hour. Although, I knew this probably wasn’t realistic after my training paces but I still have it a go. It was a lovely flat route with loads of motivation sign posts along the way from Nike!

Eventually I tried to keep up with the 00:60 pacemaker and finished in a time of 1:01:53. Pretty happy with this as it was so much faster than I’d been training at. I started to speed up between 8-9km and think I killed myself before the end as the last 600m I wanted to just crawl along the floor.    imageimage

Overall it was a great event, so well organised and the finishers pack was nothing like I’d ever had before. It was obviously built for women but instead of just the usual food products there were also beauty samples which I love! The medal was a necklace specially designed and really unique.


Fingers crossed the event is on next year because I want to do it over and over again (can’t walk today though – ouch!!)

GL xx


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