Top Tips: Make Fitness Fun and Challenge Yourself

Last weekend I worked at an event and thought – why can’t fitness be fun?  There are so many events that can make it fun and keep you motivated. The event I was working at was ‘It’s a Knockout’. It raised £16,000 for an incredible charity and each team member looked like they were having so much fun taking part. Splashing, running, racing and having loads of fun it looked like an amazing day. So I thought about and realised, not only can fitness be fun, but it can also be motivational and for such a good cause.  Everyone at this event was raising money for people with Cancer, providing them with fun days out, and giving them opportunity to meet others in their situation; whilst enjoying themselves and getting their heart rate up!

Challenge yourself, sign up for a 10k run, a hike or even a marathon if you’re up to it, do it for charity and make an effect on someone else’s life in the process! It makes it so much more fun and SO much more rewarding!  I’m running 2 10k events this summer for the same charity and what will keep me running, is knowing I am making a difference. Not only does it motivate you, it pushes you to do something you may have never done before!

GL xx


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