Step Into the Wild

Okay, it wasn’t really the wild…but it was close enough! No one said exercise can’t be enjoyable; so this weekend, we packed up and went camping for the weekend, trainers at the ready and excited to explore.

As I’d been ill with a cold all week, I’d not done much exercise so I was very happy to know I wouldn’t be having a lazy weekend again.

Ever since I started the BBG, I’ve always tried to take some of my LISS outdoors where it doesn’t seem so much like hard work, more of just enjoyment. Anyone who has or is taking part in the BBG, will know that LISS stands for ‘Low Intensity Steady State’ exercise. It’s still amazing for you and you can make it your own very easily. My LISS, I switch between swimming, jogging or just walking; all of which I love and can constantly challenge you by either going faster, or extending distances.

Photo 06-06-2015 11 51 17 am Photo 07-06-2015 5 18 50 pm

This weekend, as we were away camping near the South Downs, I kept an eye on my Microsoft Band counting my steps and telling me the distance we had walked. We walked at a normal pace, taking in the incredible scenery, but on Saturday alone my steps covered 10.4 miles throughout the day! I think that can count as exercise ha! Sunday, we walked a little less but still walked around 6 miles and wore ourselves out just in time to head home.

Camping however doesn’t leave much room for cooking healthy food so I think I outdid myself with sausage and chips on the beach, marshmallows and scones…Oops!!

I’m excited to work really hard in the gym this week, starting week 21 (MENTAL) and push myself now that I’m all better! I’m going to try new recipes and motivate myself for the last 4 weeks of BBG 2.0!

GL xx


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