Sweat it Out

Working in an office, if one person is ill – everyone ends up ill! Tuesday afternoon the dreaded cold and sore throat struck and it got me thinking about if it is a good idea or not to workout when you’re feeling ill.

I’ve always been in a strong believer of sweating out illnesses, but I usually feel them coming and can beat it before it really hits. This week, I wasn’t so lucky and it hit me hard leaving me with days off work and tucked up In bed!

Photo 04-06-2015 5 20 49 pm

Working out when you’re unwell completely depends on what the illness is…Usually with a cold, I would just get on with it, but as I was feeling dizzy and sick, I decided it was a really bad idea and took Tuesday to Thursday off exercise to make myself feel a bit better.

Having got into a routine now, I absolutely hated not going to the gym and missing two runs as well, but now I’m starting to feel better I know it was the best thing for me to do. This morning however, I woke up full of energy, slightly better and went out on a 4.2 mile (slow) run so I’m fully back into it now!

Getting ill now, I realise how important it is to eat right. Before I started concentrating on nutrition, I would pick up colds every month and feel awful. I wasn’t getting enough vitamins in my body from fruit and vegetables, and my body just didn’t have the strength to fight it off quickly.

It’s always a good idea to take a Vitamin C supplement as well daily which I’m going to make a conscious effort to do now. When you exercise more, you need to be strong and especially in gyms, there must be so many germs floating around in that hot air!

If like me, you can’t stand not exercising when you’re ill, slow it down, go for a walk instead of a run and just get some fresh air. If you’re really ill – don’t do anything! It’s not worth it, and you’ll end up being ill for longer meaning you’ll be out of the gym for longer too!

GL xx


2 thoughts on “Sweat it Out

  1. emrecovers says:

    Yes, I totally think it is important to rest and recover when you are seriously ill! Occasionally when I’m just feeling kind of down I’ll go for a slow walk or do some stretching.


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