Park Run and 10k Training

With three weeks to go on Sunday, until the Nike Women’s 10k, I have to really start building my distance. Since using my Kinesiology Tape (blog review here), I have been able to run in a bit more comfort than before and I’ve been varying my distances week by week.

I’ve been trying to complete at least one short run and one longer run every week and still working hard with my Kayla Itsines BBG 2.0 guide as well. I’m now coming to the end of week 19 and I don’t feel like I’m doing a programme any more – it just feels normal now! I need to start thinking about what I will do at the end of the BBG 2 though as I need to either repeat it or find something to replace it with!

Tonight I will aim to run 4 miles, 5 next week if all goes to plan and then I will either wind down; or push with training right up to race day on June 21st.

After that, I have about 3 more weeks until the British 10k London Run so I’m hoping I’ll feel a bit more prepared for that one! I’m also trying to concentrate on my form when running as well, I tend to lean forward so keeping myself upright is quite challenging but getting better, as well as not over striding. I point my toes quite a lot when I run and land, which can actually be a cause of shin splints!

I’ve slowed down my pace which has enabled me to continuously run instead of stop/start all the time! I’ve also started listening to podcasts when running instead of music as well. I find it keeps my pace steady as the beat of a song can sometimes make me run faster or slower and throw me off.

A few weeks ago, I heard about an organisation called ‘Park Run’; they take place all over the UK and are very popular. It is a free timed 5k run, organised with the help of volunteers. It is open to adults, children and even people with dogs – not so great when they start overtaking you though!

Photo 29-05-2015 2 44 31 pm (1)

Photo 29-05-2015 2 42 12 pmI decided to give it a go as part of my training and I finished in 32 minutes which was slower than I wanted, but I found it a pretty tough course on grass and quite hilly.

Anyone that wants to complete a timed 5k without the pressure of fundraising or a big event – I’d definitely recommend looking for a Park Run near you and giving it a go. It was so well organised and very welcoming to new runners and all abilities too! Take a look at their website and find the nearest one to you!

GL xx


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