Top Tips: Getting Into Exercise

Routing through my Snaptrack app yesterday, I found photos from over a year ago and realised what a difference a year can make…87e0847ed875bdc7b4269c181eac77da

In May last year, I was struggling to motivate myself to train for a 10k; not much has changed in that aspect, I still find running a massive challenge and I’m still giving it a go, but exercise wise, I’ve created myself such a good routine and it now feels like part of every day life rather than an ‘effort’ to exercise.

My constant bloated feeling has sorted itself out and I feel so much stronger and toned! Exercise isn’t something I’ve always liked though, so I’m sharing my top tips to getting into it…

My Top Tips to Getting Started

  1. Goals – The only way to set goals successfully is to be realistic! Setting yourself different goals give you something to work towards whether this is weekly or monthly, if you miss a session you have something to achieve the following week. Once you achieve your goals, you can create new ones. When I first joined the gym back in September, I found it hard to motivate myself in the gym so I set myself a goal to take part in classes until I got my fitness and motivation to a good level. I wasn’t at my fittest and going to the gym 2-3 times a week was a realistic, but challenging goal for me. Once I got into this routine, I started going to the gym more without even thinking about it and trying different classes to see what I liked and didn’t like and what I was good at.
  2. Progress PhotosI’ve been using the App ‘Snaptrack’ for just over a year and it’s really handy for when you want to look back and see how far you’ve come. The photos are in dated folders so you can easily find them in one place and know when you took them. It’s really hard to look in the mirror and see a difference sometimes so comparing photos will show you how much or little has changed.
  3. MeasurementsAlong with photos, I would suggest taking measurements rather than weighing yourself on scales. I regret not taking measurements from the start as weighing yourself isn’t accurate. I’ve gained about a stone in weight since I started yet I’m the most toned I’ve ever been. Muscle weighs more than fat so don’t rely on scales – I can’t remember the last time I weighed myself and I think if anything, it can just make you think you’re not doing as well as you actually are!
  4. Diet – No one can outdo a bad diet with exercise. You don’t need to radically change your diet and start cutting everything out immediately. Just pay attention to it. Concentrating on eating 3 balanced meals a day will give you energy to exercise and you’ll find the sweet treats start disappearing without you even realising as you’ll be full and satisfied. As soon as I started noticing a difference in the gym, I didn’t want to ruin that with a bad diet. I still eat treats when I want to, but I have learnt to limit them (most of the time ha!). If you eat something bad, it won’t kill you, but don’t ruin all your hard work in the gym by rewarding yourself with junk food.
  5. Don’t compare yourself to others!Everyone is different. Set your own goals and don’t beat yourself up with you skip a workout or eat something bad! Keep on track and you will reach your goals when you can.

Source: Pinterest

I still have a long way to go, but comparing myself to a year ago, I can see how far I’ve already come and that is HUGE motivation for me! I’ve grown to love exercising and nearly 5 months into Kayla Itsines’ BBG, I’ve learnt a lot about exercise and nutrition, I know what works for me and what doesn’t and I’m more motivated than ever to carry on working hard and pushing myself to be the best I can.

GL xx


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