Protein Shakes: What are you drinking?

I’ve been drinking protein shakes after exercising for a few years now, on and off, but I’ve never really considered how good or bad they are for you. Some people think of protein shakes and immediately assume only muscular bodybuilding men should drink them.

I started drinking protein shakes after getting a free sachet in Women’s Health Magazine. I’ve always had quite achy muscles after a hard workout and after reading a bit about protein shakes, I changed my opinion on them (I also thought they were just for men!) and decided to give them a go. If they were going to help my muscle recover – why shouldn’t I?

However, it wasn’t until last week that I actually looked at the ingredients of my protein shake – did I know any of them?! No!

I’ve got rid of my protein mix, and until I am able to get a completely pure whey protein, I have put together my own milkshake drink to add some extra protein into my body after exercise.

peanut butter shake final

This protein shake is sweet thanks to the dates and tastes more of peanut butter than anything else – but provides your body SO much protein that is needed to repair and build muscles after exercise.

I think protein shakes are great for both before and after exercise, they won’t make you bulky but just beware of what is in them. I will be purchasing something like this whey protein, next and mixing it with other ingredients to create a tasty drink with added protein.

If you have any tasty homemade protein shakes, send me in the direction of the recipes!

GL xx


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