My 6 Week Challenge with Madeleine Shaw

I ordered it two weeks ago and I’ve been so excited to get my hands on it –  Madeleine Shaw’s book, Get the Glow! Finally, today it landed on my desk at work and I immediately began reading it, looking through recipes and deciding which I was going to cook first.

The first quarter of the book is some education, tips and is split into six weeks. The idea of Madeleine’s book is to help you cut out sugar, and generally become healthier and think about what you’re eating. You do this slowly over a period of six weeks; it’s not designed as a diet though but a way of living beyond the six weeks. If followed, this way of living should give me a ton more energy, brighter skin, shinier hair and an all over boost!

Recently, I’ve become very aware of what I am eating and the ingredients of packet foods. I’ve learnt to love cooking from scratch and I want to finally get rid of all the bad ingredients from my diet, that are so easy to miss. For example, I was sat eating my ‘healthy’ yoghurt at lunch, only to look at the ingredients and only know probably a third of them.

We’ve been so tricked into believing that ‘low fat’ foods are better for us, but I’ve never thought to look at how much rubbish I’m actually putting into my body with these foods.

Over the next six weeks, I will be following Madeleine’s recipes in an attempt to remove sugar and ‘rubbish’ foods from my diet. I will also be using Deliciously Ella’s recipes as these are also, all made from scratch (and so tasty!).

When I had my Health MOT about two months ago, when joining a new gym, I was told that my ‘waist to hip ratio’ was higher than recommended for my size. I was told that this could be down to stress but also down to how much sugar is in my diet. Now realising this, that sugar is probably causing me to hold on to the lower tummy fat that I’ve been fighting to burn!

I will starting my journey tonight with dinner and keeping track of this on here, Instagram and through progress photos. I want to see how much more energy I have, if I feel like I lose any excess fat and like my last blog post said – be the best version of myself.  First up is Turkey Meatballs in tomato sauce!

I will still continue to use Kayla Itsine’s guides and both will finish around the same time – just in time for my next trip!

GL xx


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