Be the Best Version of Yourself

There’s been a lot floating around in the media the past few weeks about Protein World’s billboard ad. I can see where the conflict is coming from, but realistically, have there not been hundreds of adverts like this before? I can see both sides of the advert being banned, but I think people are reacting to the wrong detail in this.


What do I think a ‘bikini body’ is? I think it’s a state of mind. If you personally feel comfortable wearing a bikini, you’re happy with your figure, shape and size; you have full confidence and very lucky. For the people who aren’t in that state of mind, they’re the people who Protein World are targeting.

The conflict realistically, hasn’t come from the question ‘are you bikini body ready?’; it’s come from the image on that advert. A slim, toned woman in a bikini.

If that image wasn’t on the advert, I don’t believe people would have any issue with it. In any other context, that image would be considered as motivational – for a fit and healthy lifestyle.

What should we be arguing? I don’t agree with shakes and juices promoting weight loss by cutting out food; but if a brand like this is advertising their product as a way of helping people to begin a healthy lifestyle then why can’t they advertise that? However, Protein World along with thousands of other products, advertise weight loss with shakes and juices as meal replacement. A lot of people are so caught up in arguing about an image on an ad, they’re not seeing the real issue, why are people still being told that this is a healthy way to live – cutting out food to replace it with liquids?

Over the past six months, I’ve opened my eyes to nutrition, trying to learn as much as possible. I’ve accepted there will never be any healthy fast fix to weight loss, or building muscle tone. I’ve also gained a lot more confidence in myself within that period of time. Not because I’ve lost a massive amount of fat or gained muscle – I don’t believe that I needed to – but I know the way I am trying to live now, is so much healthier than any quick, fad diet. I eat more food than I’ve ever eaten, I enjoy food that I make and I’ve learnt what I should and shouldn’t be eating.

I don’t agree with the product that Protein World are promoting, but from an advertising perspective, they didn’t state what a ‘bikini body’ is meant to be – it can be whatever makes you confident.

It’s so much more satisfying to work for that confidence, eat healthily, exercise if you enjoy it and look after yourself.

One of favourite quotes at the moment follows this idea…

“Your dreams are just one step outside of your comfort zone.”

GL xx


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