BBG Update – Monday Motivation

So, I’ve made it to week 16 of BBG 2.0! After a Bank Holiday yesterday and a tiny hangover, I’ve moved my workouts around and I’m slightly dreading leg day this week. Week 14 hurt a lot after legs and I know it will probably be the same this week.

I’m trying to keep on track with my running and I’m feeling a lot better about it now I have my Run Coach plan and I know what I should be doing, and when. Although, I think my positive feelings got the better of me when I signed up to the London Marathon ballot yesterday… A marathon is something I really want to achieve and I feel like I’m the fittest I have ever been – so why not now? Over the last year I think I’ve become a much more positive person which has really helped the last 8 months in my fitness and making progress. If I tell myself I can do something and believe I can, then I will. I know a marathon is a massive commitment but It’s something I want to achieve. Fingers crossed I get a place for April 2016!

Since my holiday and starting BBG 2.0, I feel like I’ve slacked a bit on my diet, I’m eating healthily in the week but I’m slipping back into my old ways on the weekends. Particularly if I’ve been on a night out the night before! I’m going to work really hard this next week and try and get back into a routine of healthy eating and a structured weekly workout routine.

Last week, I wrote about my new Microsoft band; I’ve now used this for running and I’ve started paying more attention to my daily steps as well. I absolutely love the band and it’s certainly making me more aware of how much I’m moving in the day and how well I sleep at night. It’s built in GPS takes a while to kick in but once it does, it gives you a detailed break down of each kilometre, pace and distance.

Screenshot 2015-05-05 11.35.01

Most people taking part in the K2 Movement will be taking their progress photos today (or the end of last week), but as I went on holiday in between, I’m now a week behind. With this in mind, I think this week is a really good time to push myself a little bit more and hopefully see a change in my progress photo next week.

Last week I ordered two new cooking books – Madeleine Shaw; Get the Glow and Soulmate Food; Fitness Gourmet. I’ve only received Fitness Gourmet so far and I’ve been reading through it slowly. It’s a really detailed book and I’m learning a lot about the different ways to eat specific to fitness goals. I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet but there are so many that it’ll definitely keep me busy for a few months!

I got a bit creative with food last week and at the weekend. I decided to make a stir fry without noodles – I bought a ton of vegetables, chicken and a Nandos packet mix to spice it up a bit – it was actually really successful, it filled me up and I felt really good for eating something so healthy after a workout; and so quick to make!

When the weekend came around (with a Bank Holiday hangover) I was really craving a pizza takeaway but after thinking about the ridiculous price of them and how bad they are for you, we decided to buy some ingredients and throw one together ourselves. It was so much more fun, and it may not have been the healthiest with the amount of cheese on it, but I knew what was in it, I’d had fun making it and it was much cheaper!

Time for a fresh week, working hard, eating well and pushing myself as much as I can.

GL xx


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