Microsoft Health Band

Last week, I was lucky enough to return from Marrakech to a brand new Microsoft Health Band waiting for me. I won this in a draw and was so excited to start using it!

Released less than two weeks ago, it’s brand new to the market and so far, so good.

There are so many different health tracking bands to choose from now, I started using the Garmin VivoFit last year and after a few months got bored of it. My main dislike for it was having to use a Heart Rate Monitor when working out – I find them really uncomfortable straps and feel like they’re restricting my breathing.

This leads me onto my favourite part of the Microsoft Health Band – It has a built in heart rate monitor!! It constantly tracks your heart rate throughout the day and when you’re asleep.

It’s other features include, step count, calories burnt, weather, text messages and phone calls (connected to your phone via bluetooth), an alarm which vibrates to wake you up and your sleeping patterns.

The sleeping patterns I find most interesting about this band, it not only tells you how long you slept for, but also how long was restful sleep, how many times you woke up and how long it took you to get to sleep. My VivoFit never worked with my sleep which was always disappointing so it’s really interesting to see now how well I actually sleep. I’ve always aimed for 8 hours a night but looking a little deeper, I realise that I only get about 6-7 hours on average and I wake up a lot more than I thought.

The next thing that I love, which I haven’t actually tried out yet, is it has built in GPS. When you go for a run or bike ride, you start the monitor to follow your route, heart rate and pace which you can then review at the end. I will write a post soon about the GPS aspect of this, once I have got back out on the roads running.

All information from the Microsoft band can be uploaded to the App so you can review your progress at any point, along with the option to personalise your band, changing the colour, pattern and buttons on it. The Microsoft Band also connects to apps such as My Fitness Pal, which I don’t personally use, but if you’re inputting your food, it will correspond with how many calories you have burnt too.

Overall, I’m really enjoying the Microsoft Health and can’t wait to see any progress over the next few months.

GL xx


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