Marrakech Adventures

A lot of people will have started their BBG journeys ready for the summer bikini season – my bikini’s came out early this year with a Birthday trip to Marrakech.

Starting BBG 1.0 on January 5th (along with thousands of others), I had just enough time to make a difference before my holiday.

You can read my full BBG Review here but I’m pleased to say I felt a lot better this year in a bikini than last year. I was able to relax and enjoy myself, not worrying too much about what I was eating or drinking; and a cloudy morning was enough motivation for me to take my workout to Marrakech.

However, that was the only workout I did, and I resumed sunbathing duties for the rest of the week. If I was to give any tips to anyone working out whilst on holiday, I’d say take it easy! I found the heat to effect me massively in my performance and I needed to remind myself to drink a load more water than I would at home.

Try not to worry too much and enjoy time away. One week out of the gym won’t reverse all hard work.

Marrakech, I would highly recommend. The quiet hotels are surrounded by an absolute mental atmosphere as soon as you step out.

I went there with very little knowledge and was shocked by some of the views that faced me in the last week. It is one of the greenest countries I have ever seen, there are trees, plants and stunning surroundings everywhere you go.

We took a trip to the Atlas Mountains, visiting a local house for tea and a Moroccan Restaurant for some traditional food. The houses that they live in make people realise how lucky we are to have the facilities and stable homes that we do. The children run around playing with tyres and home made toys and the lighting in some houses, is practically non-existent.

Some of the food we ate on the trip has given me some great ideas to include in my diet the next few weeks and I can’t wait to try out! We also drank a ridiculous amount of Green Tea with Mint which has become my new obsession.

I’m now back into BBG week 14 (catching up with the week I missed) so I’m a week behind on the K2 Movement, but that leaves me just enough time to work for my next holiday in July.

GL xx


One thought on “Marrakech Adventures

  1. Finding My Inner Zen says:

    You look amazing! Loved the pictures from your trip.

    I agree with your advice about just enjoying your trip. That should be time when you’re not worried about working out. You can worry about that when you’re back home and pick up right where you left off!

    Liked by 1 person

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