Kayla Itsines BBG 1.0 Review

I’ve made it through week 13 of BBG 2.0 and really enjoyed it. I’m still struggling with a leg injury so I get to the end of the week now and find it difficult to do any exercise which is annoying because I’m not meeting my goals. However, I did achieve a fair amount including my new workouts. I finally tried out the Swim Fit class at my new gym; I absolutely loved it, it was different to swimming length after length and the instructor even had us climbing out of the pool every 2 lengths, for 10 sets, to do 10 press ups – I did not see that coming!!

So I haven’t really done a proper review of BBG 1.0 yet. To start, I can honestly say, since taking a real interest in the gym and my fitness – it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m in a fantastic routine now, I set myself regular goals and I feel so much more confident in myself and my fitness. Honestly, I think I expected a bit too much from myself and the programme and thought I would see ab definition by the end of the 12 weeks and a whole different body image. The realistic goals now, are to continue eating healthily as much as possible, and not set a time limit on my dream body.

The one thing I have learnt from Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide is that achieving the body you want takes time and a hell of an effort. You can’t go into this half-hearted you need mindset, motivation and complete determination. I had 10 amazing weeks of fitness, one injury and a lot of frustration between 10-12 weeks, but I worked hard every session and when something didn’t work – I tried again.


Through the programme you get to learn what works for you personally. For my LISS in week 1-4, I tried Pilates, Yoga and walking but I didn’t feel like I was pushing myself to my limits with these, so I moved onto swimming and it was the best decision I made. I used to swim for a swimming club for 13 years and at the age of 16 I gave up through boredom. I’ve got back into and learnt to push myself and noticed a massive difference. My lower tummy started slimming down quicker and found it a really amazing all over body workout.

Photo 26-05-2015 11 55 11 am

I’ve never been overweight, I’ve fluctuated a lot and felt bloated a lot of the time but I’ve never had a huge amount of fat to lose. I’ve kept this in mind with my progress photos, there isn’t a dramatic difference because I had less to lose. However, I think what I did need to lose has really started to change – my stomach has slimmed down, I’m on my way to losing the pouch and my bum is toning up amazingly. My bum is where I suffer most with cellulite so I’d like to see that go eventually. In myself I feel SO much stronger, I’m toning up and I’m on my way to being the best version of myself. I can’t see a massive difference from my front progress photos but I know I’ll get there in time. A key to success I believe, is patience, hard work and not being too hard on yourself. You meet your goals from your own motivation and hard work – no one can do it for you.


My next goal is BBG 2.0 and I can’t wait to see what that brings. I have two 10k runs coming up in the summer so I will be tying my running training in with BBG and setting myself tons of new goals! First though, I’m going to enjoy my birthday and a week away in the sun!!

GL xx


4 thoughts on “Kayla Itsines BBG 1.0 Review

  1. Finding My Inner Zen says:

    “The one thing I have learnt from Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide is that achieving the body you want takes time and a hell of an effort. You can’t go into this half-hearted you need mindset, motivation and complete determination.”

    Truth! I just started BBG and it’s kicking my butt. But I’m committed to sticking it through.

    I can definitely notice a difference, especially in your stomach area! I’m also really looking to tone up my butt and get rid of some of that problem cellulite.

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