New Gym, New Routine!

The time has come, the gym has closed and we’ve been forced to move to a new one. I’ve stayed with paying more than some other gyms for a higher quality of service and experience. So with a new gym, comes a new routine.

You should always try to change your routine up every month to keep your body guessing and working to your potential.

Getting settled in a new gym, I try and take part in some gym classes. By doing this, your face is recognised by some of the staff, you get to know what sort of level they work at and it gives you a bit of motivation to go until you’re in a routine.

As I’m now on week 12 of Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (MENTAL), I’ll be moving on to the second guide with millions of other girls, on April 6th. Kayla’s guides have had me in such a good routine since Christmas and encourages you to challenge yourself constantly.

Within my new routine, one of the main changes I will be making, is adding more weights in. As I’ve never really used weights by myself in the gym, unless being instructed by someone; I thought it was a great opportunity to get involved in the Body Pump class. I have taken part in this class twice now and I love it! It’s completely down to you to choose how heavy your weights are, its fast paced and works you so, so hard! The class is on so many times a week I have no excuses, I will be aiming for twice a week though.

Weights are amazing for weight loss and obviously strength! I’m really starting to notice muscle building now and I want to try to work this as much as I can. The stronger I am, the better I will be at so many other things – swimming, running…everything!

If you struggle to motivate yourself, or you’re new to a gym and not really sure what you’re doing, I’d highly recommend trying classes out, this is the only way I figured out how to do exercises properly and what worked for me.

The next change I will be making to my routine is starting running again. I’ve signed up for two 10k events this summer, the first one in June, so I really need to get out on the roads and working my butt off.

I’ve been sent a free 10k planner on Run Coach this year which I have been advised by a physio to follow. Usually I just go out and run but I’ve never run to my best ability on race days. This year, with proper effective training, I will hopefully beat my 10k PB and finish in 1 hour or under!

In terms of low intensity exercise, I will carry on swimming in the mornings. I find swimming so relaxing but still a great workout. My new gym also provide Swim Fit classes. I haven’t tried the classes yet but they are there to help swimmers achieve their goals – whether it be speed, distance or weight loss.

As I haven’t settled in to the new gym yet, found out where everything is etc, I’m a bit unsure about it. but I’m sure it will be a great change for me and eventually I will continue to improve. Below is an insight into what my workout week looks like, I take days off to socialise but this is my maximum workouts each week and what I aim towards. I’ve had to build up over 6 months to be able to workout this much. Screenshot 2015-04-01 10.05.11

GL xx



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