For the Love of Food

After nearly 23 years, I’ve finally been able to say ‘I CAN COOK!’. It’s not that I never liked cooking before, at uni my flatmate and I always loved being experimental with recipes; they just never worked! Haha!

Somehow, with the help of Deliciously Ella’s cookbook, I have changed my ways and so far, it’s been quite successful (only two that haven’t quite worked out right). So the past few weeks I’ve been cooking up some absolute treats, some healthy, some more sweet treats, but all made from scratch. I’ve absolutely loved it!

It’s always difficult to change your ways when you live at home with your parents. At first I think they thought I was crazy, but they seem to be accepting now that I’m actually really trying to focus on healthy eating and they’ve even tried some of the meals I’ve cooked. If you’re commited and keep at it, people around you, family and friends will not only warm to what you are doing and the time and effort it takes, but they may even get involved too!

I’ve written a few blogs on specific recipes recently, so this will be more of a roundup of my favourite the past two weeks…

Sweet Treats

First up is Decliously Ella’s Nutritous Nutella. I only discovered Nutella a few years ago and I instantly fell in love. Many tubs were consumed at University and it’s one of those food products that comes under my ‘Don’t buy it, so you don’t eat it’ category. I decided to give this recipe a go and it’s amazing! I haven’t eaten much of it because I keep forgetting it’s in my fridge but slathered on a cheeky digestive, a spoon straight out of the jar…or the more healthy option on Rye bread for breakfast, it tastes so good. It’s richer than the original Nutella and tastes more like dark chocolate but the moussy texture is to die for! If you’re a Nutella fan, this is one for you! Find the recipe here.


As I’ve started going to the gym more in the mornings, I needed a morning post-workout snack to take to work with me. Again from Deliciously Ella, I made her Date and Oat Bars. I love nutritious bars but the one’s you buy from shops have a lot of ingrediants in them you wouldn’t expect to find in something that is meant to be healthy!

All the ingrediants in these bars are great for filling a hole and keeping you going until lunch. Nuts, oats, dates and raisins, I felt like I was eating something really unhealthy but in fact I wasn’t. The gooey texture gives them a flapjack like feel and they taste great! Find the Date and Oat Bar recipe here.

Tasty Meals

Dinners are one thing I love to vary as much as possible. Realistically they are my biggest and most nutritious meal of the day so I like to get in as much goodness as possible. This usually leads back to having a lot of carbs involved though which tend to make me gain weight quite easily. This is where my new Spiralizer comes in to play.

This thing is the best piece of kitchen equipment EVER! It turns vegetables, like courgettes, into a spaghetti like swirl! I’m obviously not cutting out carbs completely but cutting down the amount of pasta I eat with a substitute is incredible for me. This recipe is from The Londoner’s Blog and was so simple to make! I’m not a fan of cooked courgette but eating it raw, it was crunchy, filled me up and the lemony sauce on it tasted amazing mixed with the tomatoes, garlic and feta! Quick, easy recipes are definitely my favourite! Find the recipe here.


Speaking of easy meals; these are a few of my favourite recipes to cook up in a flash!

Stir fry – full of vegetables and goodness, a good portion of carbohydrate for energy and some meat for protein!

Poached Eggs on Rye Bread with Avocado (smashed or sliced) – This a great breakfast if your’e not rushing in the morning, lunch or a quick bite to eat late afternoon or evening. It’s so full of protein it’s one of my favourite weekend breakfasts as it’s so easy to make but feels like something you would order in a restaurant as a treat!

Chilli, Prawn Linguine/Tuna and Anchovie Linguine – This is a recipe my boyfriend loves to cook from the Jamie Oliver app. It has meat goodness and tomatoes to flavour with garlic and a heap load of chillis chopped up and chucked in. It would make an incredible post-workout meal if you’ve really had a hard session. I try and eat more brown pasta than white now as it has so much more fiber in it and it’s not so bloating unlike white pasta.


If you have any more recipes you love, please send them my way! I love trying new things and finding out what I like and don’t like.


GL xx


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